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of food products, electronics, stationery products and printers
Our transport units are monitored at the real time
Employees continuously participate in trainings
Fleet is regularly checked and serviced
We ensure logistics processes within entire Europe

The fleet

The fleet consists of set of vehicles of prominent brands, with DAF and MAN brands being dominant in the case of trucks and Schmitz and Schwarzmüller in the case of trailers. All the sets of vehicles have regular servicing checks in the authorized vehicle services and mandatory checks according to the valid legislation.

APA Logistik dates back to 2009 and it was created by connecting 15-year experience of one of the co-owners in the logistics and investment partners as further members.

We ensure logistics processes within entire EU. The sets of vehicles are regularly checked and meet all the technological parameters as per valid legislation. The company endeavours to provide tailor-made logistic process for each client and therefore there is a constant progressive growth of the company and its fleet as well.
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International truck transport driver

We look for a suitable candidate – international truck transport driver – tarp trailers and refrigerator trailers. It is a full-time job, flexible working hours.


In our offer you will find used trucks DAF, MAN and Schmitz and Schwarzmüller trailers that were serviced during the entire time of use. Get in touch and arrange a personal inspection of vehicles.
Lowdeck truck with independent air conditioning
480 kW
748252 km
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