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About us

Your strong transport partner with more than 30 years of experience.

Our company dates back to 2009 and it was created by connecting 15-year experience of one of the co-owners in the logistics and investment partners as further members. Our business clients are prominent manufacturing enterprises in the sphere of food products, electronics, stationery products and printers.

Our transport units are monitored at the real time (GPS satellite monitoring). Our employees continuously participate in trainings and increase of qualification because a high-quality employee is a basis of flawlessly realized logistic process.

We ensure logistics processes within entire EU. The sets of vehicles are regularly checked and meet all the technological parameters as per valid legislation. The company endeavours to provide tailor-made logistic process for each client and therefore there is a constant progressive growth of the company and its fleet as well.

Our transport units are monitored at the real time
Employees continuously participate in trainings
Fleet is regularly checked and serviced
We ensure logistics processes within entire Europe

Truckload and less than truckload transport

Safe transport of your goods is ensured thanks to the trained personnel and system that monitors our transport units at the real time.

Express deliveries

We provide express deliveries from 1 kg up to 12 of Euro pellets in the entire EU. We use tarp vehicles and trailers with the height of the load floor up to 2.3 m.


We manage logistic process according to the requirements of our clients, including storage of the industrial goods in our warehouse in Zlivice. We provide subsequent distribution of the goods from the warehouse within the Czech Republic.

Land transport

We manage logistic processes within entire Europe.

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